The board meeting was called to order by Richard Seal at 8 am with Joe Murbach and Chuck Young. The minutes from the 3 June 2023 and latest treasurer report were approved by a motion from Chuck Young and second by Richard Seal and all members voting yes. Several guests from Lees Lakeshore and Heeney were present.

Joe and Chuck repaired our DSL line 7/14/2023

Joe will help Richard with filing election results

The leak at cabin 308 was a leak in the service line and also 2 leaks in the main line, the repaired required a 24 hour shut down for the West end of Heeney.

The LCRR survey requests reported 21 nonlead and 1 unknown. The sewer survey was 7 to 3 in favor of having Summit County doing the evaluation. The board approved having the county do the study and Richard will contact them.

Roaring Fork Engineering will submit preliminary results mid August that includes items like adding water storage, replacing distribution system adding fire protection and expanding the District to Lees Lakeshore.

Chuck would like to attend the SDA conference in September at Keystone and the board approved to pay the expenses.

Mike Langdon had several questions about expanding the district that were discussed with everyone there.
Next meeting will be Saturday 9 September 2023 at 8 am at the community center.