The board meeting was called to order by Richard Seal at 8 am with Chuck Young, Joe Murbach present and Mark Astmann and Jack Taylor on the phone. 

The 6 January 2024meeting minutes and treasurer report were approved by a motion from Jack Taylor and second by Chuck Young and all members voting yes. 

The audit exemption was mailed 27 March 2024

Joe was instructed to set up a password manager with a motion from Chuck Young and second by Richard Seal and all members voting yes. Dash Lane is a possibably.

A new computer was approved by a motion from Mark Astmenn and second from Joe Murbach and all members voting yes.
water fee increase was put on hold, with the property increase in valuation the added taxes will more than cover the suggested fee increase.

RFE has submitted a grant request to DOLA for detailed engineering and a request to Colorado Senators for a CDS grant request.

The water pressure problem near Happy Landing will be investigated in May-June by Board members and Steve Stanborn. 

Chuck was able to put our meeting on zoom with about 10 people logging in.

Samples lead-copper June-September, nitrate during year, spring inspection due by 31 December 2024, lead-copper survey due by 16 October 2024 and CCR due 30 June

Mark suggested that we contract Josh Hardy the mayor of Grandby about their water operation

Next meeting will be TBA 
Chuck Young - President
Richar Seal – Director
Jack Taylor – Treasurer
Mark Astmann – Director