The board meeting was called to order by Richard Seal at 7 pm with Jack Taylor, Chuck Young, Mark Astmann and Joe Murbach on the phone.

The meeting minutes for 2 December 2019 were approved by a motion from Joe Murbach and second by Mark Astmann and all members voting yes.

The Transaction Detail by Account was not available 

The following resolutions were approved Resolution Agenda Notice 24 Hour, Resolution Appointing a Designated Election Official and Authorizing Designated Election Official to Cancel Election and Election Resolution for 2020 Regular District Election with mail in ballot by motion from Jack Taylor and second from Joe Murbach and all members voting yes. 

All members agreed to turn down funding from CDPHE for PFAS testing.

Calculations from Chlorine use confirms that our water flow meter is correct.

Next meeting 7 Mar 2020 at 7 pm at 83 Happy Landing Dr, Heeney or TBA 
7 MARCH 2020

The agenda to include:

Read and approve Jan 23, 2020 minutes

Approve Profit and Loss Detail 

Approve audit exemption for 2019

Accept self nomination forms

Next meeting