The board meeting was called to order by Richard Seal at 1 pm with Chuck Young, Jack Taylor and Joe Murbach present. Several guests from Lees Lakeshore and Heeney were present in addition to Maggie Hughs from RFE to review and answer questions about our engineering study.

Richard provided a summary of how the district was formed, duties of each board member and estimate of board member volunteer unpaid hours required each year. If paid the cost to the district would be $50,000 per year and an increase in water fees of $600 per year.

Joe reviewed our budget and suggested a water fee increase of $25 per year. Richard made a motion that the increase take effect 1 June 2024, Jack seconded and all members voted yes. 

Jack replied to the letter sent out by 3 property owners and suggest that if you do not know the true facts do not spread any information.

Maggie reviewed the RFE report and recommendations of replacing the distribution lines at 9 feet deep to eliminate the requirement for bleeds and leaks. The addition of a 40,000 gallon tank at the fire station for storage and fire protection. The kiddie pond was discussed as possible fire protection water, but requires additional evaluation with respect to capacity, the algae problem. Funding options were also explained. To apply for project funding will a detailed design. Richard made a motion that RFE prepare our application to obtain a grant to fund the detailed design, Joe seconded and all members voted yes.

RFE determined that there is enough water to supply Lees Landing with water. To get a grant or loan funding Lees Landing will need to be included in the Heeney Water District or form their own district and apply for funding Lees Landing will prepare a request to be included in Heeney Water District. 

Next meeting will be TBA 
Chuck Young - President
Richar Seal – Director
Jack Taylor – Treasurer
Mark Astmann – Director
Joseph Murbach - Secretary